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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My life is a reality show..

I have determined, without a shadow of a doubt that my life, is a reality show. We have love triangles (ooo this one has your attention huh?.. I am getting to it ok?), we have adventure, we have miscommunication, we have drama.. oh do we have drama, we have comedy, and we without a doubt have at least once every few days someone who needs to be evicted off the Island.. even if we don't do it.. boy there are days we want to.

Love triangle-Bed time comes for the most part we all sleep in our beds, but than there are those nights we have Chuck, me, Emily and both dogs in bed. Now, I know you are thinking that is not a love triangle. Bet me. I love my bed. It is one of the few places in the house I can snarl and truly say is MINE MINE MINE. Until 2:45 AM when a little hand comes up and tells me to scoot. Yep, love triangle.

Adventure- have you EVER chased a 2 year old out of the bathroom while keeping the dogs from running outside, something on the stove from burning, and telling the pre teen daughter to GET off the damn phone? Been there, done that.. own the trophy.

Miscommunication- Did you see what I said about the preteen and the phone? Constantly I am communicating to get off the phone and she is communicating that she is deaf. At which point I inform her that I will simply unplug the phone.. Apparently that makes me the worst mother in the world. ooo a new trophy.

Drama- you all have been paying enough attention to have read that I have teenagers right? So this one just sort of covers it self right? If not, allow me to throw in my new Drama Queen who at age 2 pretty much anything that does not go her way is worth a melt down of dramatic proportions.

Comedy-David walks in the room the other day wearing his sister size 11 snow boots someone gave us. Did I mention they have princesses on them? when I asked him why he was wearing them he informed me in a very clear and concise voice that because they fit and I want to wear them. yep, is cross dressing a category?

Evicted- 18 years old, thinks she knows everything hardly wants to help with anything. Used to do chores but is now 18. Numerous times I have suggested she can move out at anytime knowing that I won't let her do that.. I just wish she would realize that the crown in this house is worn by, well let's be realistic.. the two year old.

Yep, my life is a reality show, we got it all here.. now who should host Jeff Probst of Julie Chan?

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'd pick Jeff Probst. He's cute.