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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is a puzzle

I have been trying to figure out why I don't want to blog, or blog as much and my only answer is writers block. The thing is, I have plenty to say but I think to myself "will anyone else really want to read that?" Eh probably not. I live a unique life, there is no other way to say it. I have six children who in their own way fit into my life to form a puzzle.

You see, I have my 18 year old daughter Stephanie, her life at this point revolves around seeing the prize at the end. All she wants is to get her diploma and finish high school. Who doesn't understand that?

My 16 year old son Danny, well he is all about his girlfriend. Who I have decided has something that I can not put my finger on but I am not sure I like. Don't misunderstand me, she is a great girl but she sometimes forget to put her head and heart in the same place.

My 15 year old's puzzle piece is easiest set for one word. Baseball . The Mets season has begun, the baseball season for him has begun and life as he knows it has returned to normal. God bless em.

My 12 year old Mary has recently discovered drama and angst. She is constantly over the top about everything, I think for the most part Mary is not suffering with this drama instead she is enjoying it. With Drama comes flair and tude--and God knows the girls got that

David is 5, with Aspergers syndrome. We were told this year not to expect much from school, and to understand that some hardly ever grasp sound concepts. David is reading and overcoming and I am so proud! He has done everything he can to keep his mind on learning words, and the ones that challenge him he sounds out. Big deal. Great kid.

Emily is 2, she is expressing interesting in pottying and major interest in being the princess. So why shouldn't a princess have a throne? Right? I adore that little girl, I love that each day is different and always fun. She is talking in full sentences and is so funny, she will get down next to you and tell you if she likes or dislikes something and is the biggest lipgloss theif in the state (and to think.. I thought it was her sister)

Chuck is busy with work and school and keeping this family going. He is the strongest man I know and willing to sacrifice things he wants for the kids or me. He is everything I always knew my knight in shining armour would be. He's my knight in camo :o)~

Me? I am all about change this year. No, not political change. Personal change and growth... or pesonal shrinking. I am losing weight, and proud of the way I feel. I love the energy and wonder why it took me so long to find it. Yes, for me.. this is about change but at the same time not letting go of who I am or where I came from.. so change but remain the same.

This whole thing in the end means just one thing.. family. We may have pieces but in the end we can take them together and form the perfect puzzle.

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