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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday night leftovers

Welcome to the 6th (personal) edition of the lovely Danired's over at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks Friday night leftovers. Where we get to Clean out the refrigerator of life and tell you whats new with us. **Edited to add that Danifred did not do FNL today, and I hope she is not mad that I still chose to do so!!**:

We went to the circus last night, If you are a huge fan of PETA and not a huge fan of the Circus, please stop reading now. I don't want hate mail, and I know there are probably questionable things there.. however I am pretty sure there are questionable things in everything we do daily. So anyways.. public service announcement over.

We went to the circus last night and we had a ball. This was the first time for quite a few in our group. Emily, David, Diem (my friend Nikia's daughter), and Chucky! I was expecting excitement, but little did I expect to see my two year old sit in one spot for the ENTIRE show. She did not budge. She started to nod off for a minute and snapped up to attention when something else happened.

David did suffer through the noises a bit because of his Aspergers Syndrome, but ya know Cotton Candy contained him JUST fine :o)~. I didn't cheat on my diet (I did have a few swipes of Cotton Candy--but 100 calories a serving.. woot woot).

Ok some funny and great moments:

David upon seeing Emily was wearing the poodle backpack leash thingee.. asked "Can I walk her?"

We explained though that we do not walk our sister.. even though it is hilarious to be asked that...but isn't she cute?

Stephanie has a tattoo of "Goofy" on her Arm, a clown after inspecitng her arm repeatedly walked up and wrote "I'm" over it. LMAO. Hilarious.

Watching my husbands face as they kept putting more motorcylces inside the big circle thingee.. That was just cool.

Having my picture taken for a newspaper with Emily and realizing AFTER that I had a red clown nose on. Here are me and Chucky :o)~
David during the preshow bringing us every clown he could find to have his picture taken with him lol.
And my daughter getting picked up by an acrobat in spandex. Wow.

Mary had a ball plotting ways to torment her sister who claims she is scared of clowns.. she So wasn't.. she then explained she doesn't like killer clowns like Pennywise from IT
The circus was amazing, the animals were beautful, my animals behaved, and when all was said and done there was not one person in my car who could say we did not truly just attend the greatest show on Earth.

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