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Thursday, April 8, 2010

This and That

Again, this week I am going to an old standby. This and that. Mostly because it is spring break and my brain cells (like my Dell laptops charge port) is fried. So here we go:

This-My dell laptop is D.O.A., the charge port went bad in it. Fabulous. I was told by the guy at the computer shop that I am looking at $180 to fix it. Yep, so I tell someone that and get told that is cheap... in who's world? My world $180 is not cheap. In my world $180 is groceries for the week etc. So the Dell is sitting in its laptop bag until I can get it fixed. R.I.P. Dell Laptop You were always so good to me.

That- We headed off yesterday to find a laptop, and found a new HP laptop. The reasons why I am happy we did that are the following: 1) It has a built in webcam and when Chuck talks to Shane (his son in Iceland), Shane will be able to see him now (after 10 years.. don't ask I am in a grouchy mood and might tell the whole story) 2)it has a number pad on it. I have never had a laptop with a number pad on it.. and I am one of those people who balances her checkbook like 100 times a day. and 3) I can blog again because without the laptop I would have to use the dinosaur..... I mean desktop and I can't sit in my room and do this

This- Is it normal to want to murder your own children after being home with them for a week? Just curious.

That- Seriously? They go from children to Pac Man's. They just eat and eat and eat and eat. I seriously do not think they stop before bed time.. sometimes.

This- Did I mention this has been the longest week of my entire life? If not It has been. Truly. Not to mention the following items have occured this week: the computer broke, we had court for Chuck (case dismissed--stupid traffic tickets for a bad headlight.. seriously? he told the cop I am driving to advanced RIGHT there to get it fixed.. cop gives a ticket....ticket at 8:23 PM, receipt at 8:50 PM done), Danny broke his ankle, we went to the beach (love the beach I needed that!), I went to Trader Joe's and had a love affair with them. (TJ's + Me =Love), Ignored the evil Easter basket of candy (can I get a big ole Amen for that one?), worked out still, OH and wore a size 22 jean skirt for the first time in 16 years. (oh yeah!). I thrift stored and found some great finds and I must have yelled "PLEASE do NOT harass the dog, your brother, ME, or the mailman" fifty times in one day.

That- I am obsessed with the following items in no particular order: The hungry girl (The new cookbook is the best one yet!), The Biggest Loser (I can not STAND Melissa), American Idol (ok its Big Mike and Casey James and Crystal mostly), My Ipod (but GOD I want an Ipad.. is that bad? I want one so bad), Nicholas Sparks (Love his books) and 100 calorie snacks.

Ok there we go .. it was a whimpy way to do a blog.. but I got one in.. can I get a point for at least working on getting one in today? Please? Ok. Back to Spring break Hell. I mean fun. .fun fun. thats what I mean..

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