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Thursday, April 1, 2010

This and That...

At somepoint a few years ago when I had nothing else to blog about I simply did a post called This and that. It was never really a specific set day and normally just fell on Thursday because well... to be honest.. it starts with Th. (the creativity NEVER stops with me) So with that introduction said...away we go:

This--Some how this week had the nerve to fly by, my kids go on spring break tomorrow at 2 PM. Please know by next week on Friday I will look something like this guy:

I know its not nice to dread breaks, but you have to understand my children double as Pac Man when they are home. I seriously think they roll out of bed and start eating and do not stop until just before bed time. (go ahead think I am kidding.. I dare you) I have no doubt that 4 points of each day next week will be reserved for wine.

That--The New Hungry girl 123 book is out and I am almost obsessed with it. Ok that was a big fat lie. I am obsessed with it. I have already made 4 things out of it and plan on working my way through it during Easter. Which brings me to my next This.

This--is the first Easter we will not be together as a whole family in a number of years. My mom and their family drama up in NOVA basically canceled Easter as a family. Last I heard my brother is going gambling for the day. Yep, thats right we are THAT family everyone points at and laughs at. The good news is me and my normal family (hahaha) will be going to the beach on Sunday..85 degrees and sunny. WOOO HOOO :o)~ If you happen to be anywhere near Norfolk, VA come along it will be fun

That--it seems like every few weeks I am starting a new fight with the kids, if its not about them cleaning their rooms it is about their inability to behave. Is it me or is it something about Spring that brings out the demons in children? They used to be so normal... I swear at one point they really were now as they go to sleep at night I find myself checking for antennas.

This--a friend of mine called me last night to tell me she was wrapping Easter presents.. um. I suck I guess. The younger ones are getting baskets the olders get a big bowl of family community candy to share. I don't do huge baskets .. most of it is Target $1 section and even GASP! dollar store... Easter is not and never will be Christmas version 2 in this house.

That--Tune in tonight when I post the winners for the 2 Starbucks cards! There are some REALLY great ones!! We are going to go through them as a family (I can hear the groaning already ..*giggles*)

Have a nice one!!


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I'm not sure how I found myself visiting your blog. But I'm sure glad I did. I always ask myself would this be someone I could sit down beside and have a conversation with? And after some reading, I know I would be asking for a second cup of coffee. Enjoy your big family Easter get together.

Laura said...

Ooooh...the beach on Easter sounds fantastic! Have a good time.

No big baskets here either. Just a couple of toys we wanted to get her for Christmas and didn't.