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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog giveaway winners

This has to be easily the hardest decision I have ever made… and I HAVE SIX CHILDREN!! So, with that being said, and I suck at decisions.. I have picked (With my favorites for most creative and funniest) I am also awarding five honorable mentions that will be sent a small little token of my esteem for entering (as soon as I figure out what to send that is—It won’t be too long but spring break starts tomorrow so please give me a few days!!).

Please email addresses to me at (OMG she posted her email address on her blog she is insane!! Um.. No, she just has a quick finger on the spam folder :oP lol. So be nice ok?)
Most Creative:
Buttons and bows with “It’s so big… I so little” which is classic because it reminds us, it won’t be like this for long. Thank you for the reminder especially on a day when that adorable two year old has gotten into everything she possibly could at least FOUR times.


Martha Carolyn with “I really really want to put my toes in the ocean water, but the man in the black is really creeping me out” It is really safe to say this would not have made us laugh as loud as a family but… that guy who’s creeping her out is her big brother and his job was to run interference :oP It made us giggle, Thanks for the submission!!

For the people who win honorable mention--

Oohhfire- To swim or not to swim…. Boy do you know Emily well  You came very close to the win!

Susitravi- You think I’m getting close to that water.. I had a bath just last night!” This came VERYclose to a big prize…we all giggled.

Sarah- Nemo? Again my five year old insisted this was the winner. He was adamant that you had the greatest reply EVER.

Buckeye Mom- “Mommy, I know I asked for a sandbox, but this is kind of ridiculous!” Hilarious because when we put her in a sandbox she looked mortified at the beach played for hours!

Amy- “They don’t know what they are talking about, the world is flat!” I giggled, good job!!

Thank you everyone for entering :o)~ I do run blog giveaways usually once a month, please come back

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Martha Carolyn said...

So glad my comment made you giggle! Thank you so much for choosing me! I emailed you my address. :-)