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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday

I am not sure I can express how much I love Post it Note Tuesday, mostly because I love that you can express how you are feeling in one little stickie.. It really is fun...and freeing. So here are mine for today:

There we have it.. my post its.. :o)~ More next week.. this week I decided to shape them differently . one at a time was killing the space on my blog.. :o)~ Have a good week.


Lori said...

I never thought of letting my three year old talk to the telemarketer but what an idea!!

DREW'S MOM said...

Your cleaning fairies are late too? I think they may be laying on the beach sippin' margaritas with mine.. Lol If they ever show up, please send them my way =)

Cybil said...

Cheer up Tricia! I knew you would be in a rut, because I am, and you know what they say about twins! The towels on the floor aggravate the sh*t out of me! What is it with kids?

cfoxes said...

My daughter has the same Verizon phone problems. Seriously.