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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Story Tuesday

There is a blog, Once upon a Miracle, that really makes me go through my memory box... to peddle through the memories the good ones of growing up as a military brat with my family, the bad ones (my divorce), the good again meeting my knight in shining armour (or camo armour) The not so great my son David's diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome and the good again.

My mind you see is an open book, sometimes I think I should close it and other times I want to fast forward to the next chapter to see what happens next. So, today I go back into the vault of Memories and from it I pull this:

In 2001, shortly after August I told my husband that I was done with being married to him. few months later, as I was leaving (on a jet plane.. no seriously I was) that I was totally done and when I got home we would work things out. I tried to make things work for a long time and was going to wrestle with my mind while I was in Los Angeles and we would talk when I got home about what to do and how to do it. My husband had been exposed in August 2000 of having a three year affair with my then best friend. At the time, I tried my hardest to forgive him but every fight "I didnt sleep with your best friend" came up. The day I found out, I searched out a very dear friend of mine on the Internet. My friend Chuck and I had been talking for nearly three years on the Internet, he and I both had marital woes (his mostly that his wife was a drunk who did not really think of their child). I found my friend and told him what I found out and he nursed me through my broken heart, hearing me tell him I was going to make it work "for the kids." In the midst of this in Decemer 2000, Chucks wife went on a two week "visit" to Iceland, and never came back. She kidnapped his son. (Insert bad word here). She kept telling him he was coming back til he moved his Duty station to Norfolk, VA when she told him she was not coming back she wanted a divorce. He searched me out and together we licked our wounds.

Fast forward, I was leaving on November 7th to go to LA to go see Garth Brooks with a very good friend Susan who knew I needed a vacation. While there I forgot my problems and had a ball. I returned home to a little girl who had been effectively neglected while I was gone, Mary was still in diapers and I returned home to diapers that had hardly been changed. I was not amused at all. GW and I fought I reiterated that I was done. We agreed to live together but we were apart (until he could get out), and we would not tell the kids just yet. Fast forward two weeks, Garth is going to be down in Norfolk, VA (Yes, I was that fanatical.. who are we kidding I AM tht fanatical). I went down there with my friend Mel (who is now the BFF).. called my buddy Chuck to see if he could get us on base (yea I used that Navy lifeline I admit it) he was unable to meet us, but told me to call him later. I called him later as I was getting ready to head home to Alexandria and said "its Now or never..." he said "Now" and told me where to meet him.
I was a nervous wreck, although finished and separated with my first husband I was meeting a MAN. I was insane. .what if he was a serial killer (turns out he's just a cereal killer--dude can put away a box of Frosted Shredded wheat by himself I mean it!) So, I stood there waiting and he shows up gives me a GREAT big hug and I knew I was toast. In that second the electricity that shook us both could light up three city blocks during a blackout. Chuck and I took it slow but we have been together since.

He treats me like a queen, even on days when I don't deserve it. He treats my kids like gold and even respects my ex which is impressive cause half the time I can't pull that off. He took on four kids that were not his own, has paid for my ex's indiscretions numerous times (mostly because I have trust issues) and still loves us all uncondionally. I am lucky to have him, and I do have to remember to tell him more often.

We never did get to see Garth that day, but on March 12, we went over to the Capitol building in Washington DC. Chuck always knew that I had met Garth but did not believe he knew me by name.. til it happened. When he saw us he said "hey Tricia, let me put Trisha in the car and I will be right back to you" Chuck's mouth hit the floor, Garth is just the nicest guy you will ever meet. He immediately asked if I brought him cookies (well yes sir, I had and roses) he asked for them (I make him sugar cookies with M&M's he loves them and has told me so before as he has dug in BEFORE leaving us. (I have met him 10 times. yea I hate me too). Garth and Chuck spoke for a few minutes and Garth was as impressed with Chuck as Chuck was with Garth. Chuck registered the whole thing and was just shocked. The next day I had to rush to get the pics developed (cough long time ago) and online so he could show is senior enlisted officer he was not bsing.. he REALLY was late cause he met Garth lol. So there you have it.. a story within a story within a story.. sad (my divorce), happy (my knight in camo armour), and fun (I met Garth). See you back next week? :o)~


Rachel said...

That was like a movie! With sad, bittersweet, happy, and unbelievable moments (and a good ending!)

Too funny about Garth Brooks. My friend just said the other day, "How could I not have a great day when it starts with Garth smiling at me?" I thought she was kidding until she said her son goes to school with Garth's and she sees him there all the time! WHOA!

Have a great week!

Tutu said...

Thank you for sharing that. I love to learn more about my online friends!