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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Checking in.

Hello? Are you still here? Well if you are I am sorry. I owe you an apology, see life has gotten in the way lately. I have been consumed by Weight Watchers and The Hungry Girl and well my desire to let that not as big plus size girl out. So here I am. I didn't want to overwhelm you guys with all that. Who wants to read about weight loss right? AH maybe you do? Well (shameless plug warning ahead) Fighting the fatty is the new blog I can be found out. But since I am here today and not necessarily needing to toot my own horn (37 lbs!! shut up really? Yes!! Sorry I am back) So let's review the past month in casa de la Tricia aka the looney bin:

Chuck- Still works his tail off has become the most amazingly supportive husband, ok he always has been but in the past month he has come through in ways people willl NEVER know. He works his tail off and i don't think we as a family thank him enough. Thanks Chucky :o)~ (oh and Valentines day was AWESOME!)

Stephanie- Sighs. She is having it rough she is 18, full of teenage angst and so much more.. Sometimes I feel so bad for her but I just don't know how to open the Pandora's box that is her mind.

Danny- his girlfriend Crystal lives with us she is a sweet girl but at times I think she is a lost soul. I think Danny is good for her, and I think she is good for Danny. He has grown up in the past few months and I think he has left a pretty great guy in the rubble of the guy he was before.

AJ- yep, its baseball season. Yep, he's ready. Is there more to say or does that cover it?

Mary I would like to publicly apologize to my mother and father for every rotten thing I ever did. Don't worry those words "I hope you have a daughter JUST like you" are coming back to bite me in the butt. Thanks! :o)~ Seriously.. Mary is tempermental and at times mean. But other times you can look at her and see she is just so consumed by herself she doesnt know how to break out of this box that is her life. Hopefully she will find the key to open it soon.

David-- that little boy is a pistol. He will say stuff that is so far from left field that makes you want to stop and say " what?" Humor is his strong suit. and for a little boy who seemed so "unteachable" by his school last year, he has proved them all wrong this year. GOOD for him huh?

Emily-cuteness wrapped in a bow and has daddy wrapped around her pinky. :o)~

Me-I am on this awesome journey I have lost weight I work out and I feel better than I have in years! I am proud of myself for conquering my fears of the unknown, not knowing if I could do this and proving to many who doubted me and myself that I can. Each week brings new goals and so far I am hitting them. Pretty awesome huh?

So whats new with you? tell me! I wanna know!!

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