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Friday, February 26, 2010

"Do you know...."

Ok, so we have all been in that place, you head out somewhere and a life toucher (usually my husband and I am SO sorry about that!!) strikes up a conversation with you. Part of it is that my mother is a good woman who taught me to be polite, so since I am so polite normally when a life gets touched (or is being touched) I stay in the conversation. Look, I can't help it.. its my genetic make up to be social. Really..which makes me question why my husband is because well his parents aren't exactly social. (seriously.. they have seen David twice and Emily once... yea pathetic I know! but that is a WHOLE different story)....

Anyways, So you go out and you are caught in this conversation where at one point you hear "So where are you from?" I normally reply the Northern Virginia area, mostly because even though I am a Army brat I lived in 7 different areas, by 10 I had more stamps in my passport than most grown ups. (yea I know. .I hate me too) Dang what is with my shiny object syndrome today?? Ugh.. ok so We get caught up in where are you from.. blah blah blah. I have had at least on more than one occasion someone look at me and say "oh do you know the Smiths they live in Springfield?" Now, while I may know the Smith's they are speaking of. Can we review the fact that um that is 1) not a uncommon name 2) chances are slim that the Smiths lived in Springfield when I did (over 20 years ago)

Normally, I just smile and tell them "gee I am not sure I do know them" and that is good enough. I had one lady who decided she was going to make sure i KNEW the family. "but they live on such and such" Do you know where that is. "yes I know where Rolling Road is, and I would bet there are probably at least 30 Smiths on that road" but I smile and still try to desperately get away. Finally, as this poor woman's anxiety attack is about to hit an all time high, I give in. Yep, OH you mean the Smith's... from Rolling Road. Of course I know them" The woman and I than talk about how nice they are, and than with a smile on her face she turns on her heels and walks away. Probably to call the Smiths and tell them about their lovely friend she just met.

Sighs. I know I know its wrong, but what do you do? When approached by someone who will not relent? Are sure you know the family they are talking about? Do you give in? Is it like when the Jehovah's Witnesses come to the house? And all you want them to do is go away so you open the door holding a glass of wine and ask if they are interested in a mid day cocktail (ok it was just this once but they were driving me NUTS) Seriously though.. I can't be alone in this boat.. right? Right??

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Ellemes said...

I have that a lot. I have used the "well, I just live under a rock I guess." I don't get why people do this.