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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mysteries Moms face.....

Ya know, I read friends blogs and sometimes I giggle and sometimes I cringe and sometimes I just have to shake my head and say "been there.. done that.. own the tshirt" So today's topic boys girls, Moms Dads, children of all ages (really? Go to bed... you should not be reading this!!)

Mysteries Moms face 1: MOM, this tastes gross! Try it!! as they shove a fork at you. Let's be clear. If you don't like it and you are willing to eat playdoh, paste, and assorted other odd items please do not push it towards my face and tell me to taste it. This really should not be a mystery but well it is.

Mysteries Moms face 2: How come we send 20 socks in the washer, put 20 socks in the dryer and we get 4 socks out. Where do the socks go? Is there a special place in Hell for people to match up odd socks? If so can I nominate some people to go there? Please?

Mysteries Moms face 3: Shopping for a week's worth of food on less than a normal budget. Yep, been there done that. But man can I shop. I walk into BJ's armed with my coupons, I shop and they check me out. The cashiers cringe because they know, oh yea they know.. the dollar signs in my eyes are there for a reason .. I am JUST that good. (most of the time)

Mysteries Moms face 4: How come kids think you can teleport all over the place? Mom I have baseball! Mom I have to go to the Library! Mom I want to go to the Dance. MOM! MOM MOM! See this one I can answer.. I just look at them all and call sweetly... "Chuuuccccckkkkyyyyy" Thank Goodness he comes :o)~

Mysteries Moms face 5: Toilet paper and the bathroom. You use the last of it, is replacin it that hard? I know we just had this conversation two blogs ago but for the LOVE of God!! Replace the toilet paper. (Also see: If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat)

Now there are more than just these, trust me. But for argument sake and future blogs (HAHA! that means you gotta come back :oP nah nah nah nee booboo!!) I am gonna stop it here.. but tell me. .what mysteries do you face as a Mom :o)~


Tutu said...

I have some.

I have a silverware set I got as a wedding gift. Why do I now have half the number of spoons as forks? Same with bowls.

Why is it impossible for my 8yo to flush the toilet?

Why does the same 8yo think if she tries a shirt on for 30 seconds, it needs to be washed?

Tricia said...

Tutu- Two things 1) I need to know which bow you want from before!! and need your address (email me babe!) and 2) AMEN!! :o)~ lol.