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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that make you go hmmm....

Why is it that when you are extremely tired you can't fall asleep but when you are wide awake you could sleep for hours?

Why is it bananas can go from green to yellow to brown in 2 days unless you want to make banana bread than they hold onto that yellow as if it was for dear life?

Why is it that before the Olympics occur you are anxious for them to come but by the middle of week two you want to know when the damn things will end and you will get your TV shows back?

Why is it that two pairs of jeans that are the same size NEVER fit the same way?

Why is it that when your teenage daughter borrows something from you and swears when you get it back it will be the exact same it never is?

Why is it that nothing feels better than a fresh hair cut? AWESOME!

Why is that the last five minutes before you wake up are the shortest five minutes in the world but when you cat nap on the couch five minutes feels like 8 hours of sleep?

Why is it that when your kid is in trouble every teacher in the building will call you .. twice.. but when they do something amazing they send home a note?

Why is it that Sportscasters for most sports have to yell to get their point across but the guys who do prissy sports whisper so low you can't hear them?

Why is it that a 2 year old can find the one thing you do not want them to have?

And finally..

Why is it that someone will want to debate something until you hit a nerve and than they want to bail on the conversation....

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Ellemes said...

You so right on these...especially the sleep ones!