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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scenes from the Asylum

Now, I realize that referring to my household as an Asylum and I should be horribly ashamed. However, I am sure you have heard me state on numerous occasions that I have six children, my sixteen year old son has his girlfriend living with us, so that means seven kids, four of which are teenagers, one who is a preteen and has mastered the "you are so stooopid look", a five year old and a two year old. Yep, its an asylum.

Heard from Chuck: "I liked the second Twilight better because it has more man parts" LMAO Ok let's review, my husband is straight. I swear. This was sad because he was trying to point out to a good friend of ours that he preferred the second Twilight because it had more action. Ok that works.. don't worry Chuck we believe you :oP

Heard from the Oldest to her brother: "Run upstairs and get my purse" This is met with a "Why?" To which she replies "Because you want to!" of course this was news to said brother but hey now he knows huh?

Heard from the five year old "Mom I don't like Baby sauce" I said "David its apple sauce and you like apples" he replies "Yes but I like apples that don't look like they've been run over by a car Mom" Ah ok good point. .. but eat your apple sauce.

Heard from the over dramatic twelve year old to her brother "No, you can't sit there I am sitting in the princess chair" To which the question is asked "Why does it matter" Before she can reply David replies "Its not like you wear a crown" Game set match David.

See, this is how the weekend goes here.. people say stuff, I mentally write it down. I am risking life and limb for you guys ya know, my husband took pictures of me working out with the Wii Active today but he won't post them.. Right honey? um.. Right??


Anonymous said...

tick me off and its on like donkeykong:-)

Ellemes said...

haha those are too funny - I love the "it's not like you're wearing a crown."