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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirty Laundry Sunday

My friend Rebecca over at Letters from Crazyville (a mom on the edge) started a new fun Sunday thing. Dirty Secrets--Laundry day. I love it. So now we get to air our dirty secrets... I had to think through all of mine... Let's face it I am a mother of six.. boy do I have dirty laundry.
Thinking.. thinking.. ah! and than it hit me....
When Stephanie was 5 years old she found a turtle outside, this thing was just not one of those "sanitary items" you want to have around. Basically I would pretty much have any other pet but this turtle. So while she was at school, we helped it to the local pond. Freeing him back to nature, it was a good deed and even more importantly it was OUT of my house!!
That afternoon she came home searching high and low for the turtle.. in a moment of panic we told her it ran away. Ok. .let's think about this. Even if the turtle had "run away" it would not have made it that far. So when she came in to tell us how much she LOVED her turtle I felt so guilty we did the ultimate in pet sacrifice.. we bought her a puppy.
Oh but see that's a whole another set of dirty laundry for next week. In the meantime... if you have't already clicked the link to read Rebecca's blog do it now!! she's just plain awesome!!

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Cybil said...

Great story! I don't like those kinds of creatures in my house either!

I left you a little something at my blog here.