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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worldless Wednesday (well almost)

I have seen this posted on countless blogs, the idea of posting a picture that to you leaves no words. It is some miraculious aww inspiring photo that just makes you go "oooooo yeeeeaaa" and today it is Wednesday and today well, I am in need of spring/summer. This winter (while NOTHING compared to Nothern Virginia where my mom lives and has had by the last count I heard 57 inches of snow and are due for more today... I really think that Mother Nature is mad about something and they all just need to start writing 1000 times each "I will not piss off Mother Nature" We have had rain.. so much rain in fact that I feel like everytime its getting bad someone is gonna yell Tsnuami!! No we are not that close to the water but damn.

So my almost wordless Wednesday post is this:

Is she kidding? Nope, shes not. That is my warped sense of humor and I find my then 4 year old peeing in the Chesapeake Bay on March 10, 2009 to be hilarious and it is the pinnacle of spring to me. Why because that means we are only about 2 weeks from Spring in my mind. Wooohooo and also because well it makes me laugh. And today I am overtired and my glee matters.. to me :o)~

and I am gonna add this, no its not spring or summer in this picture.. it was February and snowing. But we were at Great Wolf lodge and this makes me smile too. This shows me that summer will involve alot of swimming cause my fishies love it!!
And finally this, no this has nothing to do with spring or summer.. I just think little girls who let me do Pigtails are adorable! :o)~ oooh wait.. do they do pigtail bows? does anyone know??

There you have it my Wordless Wednesday (Well almost). Hope everyone has a good day and I hope spring is gonna sprung for you (and me) soon!! :o)~

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Ellemes said...

Love your choices - I find the peeing funny too and I totally agree about little girls with pigtails.