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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful blogger award... for me??

Cybil over at A Big Pot Of Crazy who found me through another friends blog, gave me the Beautiful blogger award (a few days ago.. I am so sorry I am so late in thanking you!! Geesh I stink. .but in my defense.. its been a bumpy few days) Thank you so much for the award and thank you for reading my blog, sometimes I think its mostly cheap therapy and while people are out there who would want to read what I write? (don't worry its not blogger bipolar just curiousity I promise!!)

•Be polite, say thank you to the blogger that gave this to you & give 'em a linkback.
•Pass it on to about fifteen (or another creative number.. I added this lol) other beautiful bloggers that you've recently discovered.
•Link 'em.
•Notify 'em.
•Say seven things about yourself

I have 7 blogs I am going to pass this award to

A Thorn Among Roses-- her blog is always interesting, and her story is great. It is a great read and always inspiring.

Are Muffins Just Ugly Cupcakes?--if the title doesn't get you.. reading the blog will hook you in! She is such a great writer and always a good read!

Crystal said what??--although its been shortly less than forever since she blogged (*cough hint hint cough*) her blog is great!!

Diary of an Infertile Mad Woman--brutally honest wonderfully real. Sometimes she breaks your heart but only because her's is breaking as well. Great blog.

Grammy Girlfriend--I really enjoy this blog, it is fun to read and I think in person we would be friends lol

My Ice Cream Diary--whats not to love about a blogger who on her side bar tells you about her favorite ice creams? She is such a great blogger to read and so funny!

Wayne's Window to the World--What can I say about Wayne? He is a great guy from England who blogs about his life, his faith, and his love for his girlfriend Jenn. I love reading his blog, and his latest about how he surprised her on Valentine's day is AMAZING!!

So there you have it.. my awards.. now seven things about me:

1) I am obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, I have a Pooh shelf and I adore that teddy bear! :o)~

2) I have not had a Dr Pepper since January 4, 2010 if you know me you know that is a huge deal. I used to drink about 5 a day and while I miss the taste I don't miss what it was doing to my body.

3) This week my son Matthew would have turned 20, and for some reason it was so terribly hard. I explained it to a friend by saying "its not his birthday that bothers me, its the What ifs" What if he lived what would he be doing now? Loss of a child is something I would wish on nobody.

4) Wii Active's trainers need to be taken outside somewhere hog tied and beaten but that is just my personal opinion.

5) I am hopelessly in love with my husband.. I am not kidding. And I think it gets worse every year, he does so much for me and is possibly the most selfless person I know. And that is just damn sexy. (PS he has great arms too!)

6) I secretly want to be a writer but I do not think I have the talent for it. and I just can't see that anyone will want to read what I write.. low self esteem who me?

7) I am in love with the Hungry girl and most of her recipes, good for you food that tastes good.. yep she rocks my socks!!

Ok that's it.. those of you who have been awarded.. pass it on!!


Claire said...

Oops, wrong post, LOL But, I like that post its anyway!!!! I like the "the girls & I have missed you" part,to your push up bra, LOL!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

ur sooo stinking cute! thanks so much!

Ellemes said...

Well on #6, I just enjoyed reading this post and want to read what your write.

I'm trying to quit drinking Pepsi myself...LOVE it...but like you, hate what it does to my body.

Cybil said...

No Dr. Pepper! I gave Diet Dr. Pepper up for about 2 weeks, but alas, a 30 pack slipped into my cart, and now it is sitting by my desk at work. I drank 5 yesterday!

I believe we WERE separated at birth! You must be my evil twin! ;-)