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Thursday, September 10, 2009

No wait! I can explain!!!

See this summer started to run away, and before I knew it we were school shopping and doing running around and trying to suck in the last bit of sunshine before we had to pull out our jeans. Yep, I got last in the last few days of summer. But I am back, ok? Forgive me? Please? I promise in the future I will not be gone as long. I know I know "But you said that a few weeks ago..." and you are right I did. But I have to come back, its time to vent about school teachers or homework issues. (already? oh yea.. trust me)

I started going through old pictures of my family, my goal is to try and put most of them online, but I have had little time to work on it. Unfortunately, my intentions are fabulous my time frame is eh. But the positive glee from my mother is making this chore worth it, she is so happy to see pictures she has not seen. They were delegated to the basement and under the steps, mostly because nobody knew what to do with them. Then I started to read up on scrapbooking, my first job is to get rid of all those lovely 1970's scrapbooks that are 1) ugly and 2) made with those gluey sticky pages. ugh. Time to fix that. I can do it... its just gonna be til Christmas til I finish.

Ok.. school. you ready? Stephanie is a senior she is in love with everything about high school, of course she is. Her eye is on the prize. :::pomp and circumstance music:::: graduation. Danny is no longer a maggot, he is now a worm (he's a sophmore) he likes to remind AJ he is higher on the food chain.. in my book maggot or worm either way a bird can eat em. Just sayin'. Mary.. I think she will make it through fifth grade. She has come home smiling each day.. last year by day two EVERYONE hated her and she was going to quit school .. drama my kid? never. David. sighs.. the teacher and I have already had words and I probably overreacted (record that. I will never say it again). We talked about it today, and as long as he learns to not be a butthead in class he should do just fine.

Emily and I are home and she has now become my parrot. Mel said to her the other day "tell Mama to hush" she says "hush" so now whenever I tell her something she doesn't like she says "MA hush" . She's spunky but she's sweet. One smile and kiss and dammit. I am done.

Chuck is still working his tail bone off, and going to school. I help him out as needed, give my two cents.. who are we kidding I give him a buck.. sometimes a buck fifty. So far its been Straight A's.. Here's hoping the big kids take after him huh? Just sayin'. Ok. more soon. I will not promise tomorrow but soon.

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