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Monday, September 28, 2009

Evil genuises, coffee,Mondays and hello fall!

This morning, as we were getting ready for the hustle and bustle of school, my 5 year old son looked at me and informed me that when he grows up he is going to be an evil genuis. I said "really?" he said "yes Mom, its the perfect job for me" as I sat there with visions of my son making the bwahahahahaha noise. I noticed his face was dirty so as he was talking to me, I grabbed a diaper wipe and wiped his face off. he blew his stack as he informed me "MOM! Evil Genuises do NOT get their faces washed by their mom!!!" I tried to stifle the laugh that I could not help, as I envisioned his anger if I had used mom spit (Which we all know could clean the chrome on a bumper). Instead I said "Well I guess you will have to stick with being the hero then. "Thanks mom. .you ruined me.. thanks" He left the room perturbed, I fell on the floor laughing with his sister. Another evil PLOT foiled!! BWAHAHAHAHA

Coffee. Today it is my lover, my best friend, and my confindant. As everyone else left the house the coffee had not been made. So I saddled into the kitchen and made a 1/2 pot of coffee. I gingerly poured my creamer (pumpkin spice. HELLO Fall!! (please see below) I sipped the coffee, I ran my finger around the rim of the mug, and I enjoyed this moment of bliss as I knew this today is my Nirvana.. ahhh.. Coffee

Yep, its a Monday. I knew as soon as my eyes open that without a shadow of a doubt.. today is a Monday. Why? because so far I have heard a conplaint or generalized complaint from every member of the family.. Some of them more then twice. Why? because they are incapable of having a happy Monday, instead we all walk around with a scowl on our face. growling.. contemplating Mondays impending doom. Yep, its a Monday.
As we put away the shorts and pull out the long pants. We put away the cute tank tops (don't be scared I don't wear them.. Emily does) and pull out the short sleeve to long sleeve shirts.. We start wearing more socks and sneakers and less sandals.. we start to make big pots of chili or stew instead of grilling out. We bid Goodbye to the warm weather and the beach, and say hello to fall and the leaves. Goodbye Summer, don't stay gone long!
On that note I am off to the bus stop with my Drama Queen, my evil genuis, and the one who is determined to make me drink the entire half pot of coffee today.. alone.

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