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Saturday, September 26, 2009

So... anyways.....

In replacement of This and That is "So... anyways.." which is how my 18 year old normally tries to get out of a conversation, or if someone interrupts her. It is a tension breaker it avoids keeping a conversation you do not want to continue from going anyways...

We have 8 billion toys, when I start going through them to concentrate on tossing some or giving some up on Freecycle, my kids decide that toys they have not looked at or touched in a year or so are now their most favorite and omg mom don't get rid of that.. I will DIE without it! Yep, drama. So now my new plan... do one bag every two to three days while they are at school... maybe then I will have less of Toys R Us.. in time for well. Christmas.. ugh..

So Anyways..

So I can't hep but notice that everyone is pregnant right now, well except me and some friends who I reall wish were. and I am soo ok with that. I love new babies, I love the smell, I love the feel of little feet and arms, and I love being around little bitties. But. I am so done. Emily is the perfect exclimation point to my family. She is a bit over the top.. makes me fear those teenage years. ugh..

So Anyways...

I have decided if it was possible to fight about having nothing to fight about, my kids could do it. most definitely.. they love each other someties but would rather kick and scream most of the time.. some day they will miss this time they have.. some day they will grow up and wish they got along. I know.. because I am now. I miss having my brothers around me.. but will they listen to me? No chance..

So Anyways...

I miss my dad. There I said it. I miss having him here for my mom, when she cries and I can't fix it, I can't make it better. I miss that he can't hug her and tell her things will be fine. Why does God feel the need to take good people before its time? Even if it was his time, if his number was up, what about the rest of us who were NOT ready to let go. Why weren't our feelings considered? What the hell is wrong with this picture??

So Anways..

I am going to make chicken sandwiches, mozarella sticks and fries.. there is NOTHING of this meal that has nutritional value, but ya know what its ok. The kids will eat, they will enjoy it... who are we kidding I am a fat kid. I will enjoy it. Then tomorrow I will wake up and wonder why I can't lose any weight.. and remember its beause I am an idiot...

So Anyways..

Now that I posted a depressing blog that changed topics all over the place, I am going to go make the bad for you dinner, followed by an italian lemon dessert (also bad for me), and just realize ya know sometimes.. its ok to be bad. Right? Its comfort food and hey why not ;o)~

Have a good day!!

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