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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The AH HA moment.

You know that moment when you conquer something you have been perplexed by... better known as the AH-HA moment. Think about it, there is something you have tackled when you were done you threw your hands in the air, you did that embarassing dance that your children still hope to GOD their friends never never ever see, yep that is the AH-HA moment. Now obviously I have had one. .so what is it? Oh come on, I am max 60 words into this blog post. .I am not saying.. yet. Be patient.. play some elevator music. do something.. or keep reading. Yes, thats it keep reading. Ok so its more then 1 AH-HA moment its been a few so let's go ahead and list:

1) I realized that any toy that is still around from my age is now an antique or referred to as vintage. One such toy I am looking for is Fashion Plates, I think Mary would love them. So I Ebayed them and found a set... I found if you look for vintage its 29.99 but if you look for Fashion plates 9.99 AH-HA! one word.. and I save 20 bucks. .OH HAPPY DAY!!

2) I found that if I get up in the morning, straighten up the rooms, clean up the tasks that lay in front of me and then settle down for 15 minutes of reward computer time, at the 15 minute break I am ready to get up and do something else. AH-HA! See? How this works??

3) I have learned that I am not alone in the "My husband snores so loud, the neighbors called to tell me to tell him to roll over" (ok not yet but it has to be coming).. Apparently there are quite a few of us (cough. .and a new facebook group in the works lol) AH-HA!

4) I have learned that little girls with big bows in their hair (contrary to my old belief) are not ridiculious but they are absolutely adorable. And this may or may not be because Emily wears bows but she is so stinking cute!! OMG! you should see her!! ok AH-HA!!

5) I have discovered that people who are new to Freecycle,Craigslist, and ok the internet in general need a lesson about TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!! oy vey.. are you serious? They drive me nuts.. ugh.. but ahem AH-HA

6) Lack of blogging is because summer time activities + 6 kids home + 8 billion things to do = No time to blog. Kids in school + Just me and Emily = Some extra time. AH-HA!! Is that good enough for an I am sorry? I will try and get back here more. I promise!

See AH-HA moments.. there really are not alot of them but they are there. You just have to kind of watch for them and when they happen you just gotta say AH-HA!

There now you have had an AH-HA moment ;o)~ You are welcome.

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