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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tips to Fixing things...

Growing up, I was taught by my grandfather if you needed to fix anything you only needed one tool. A hammer. No, I am not kidding. That is what he used. If something needed to be fixed, Grandpa headed for his hammer. Didn't matter what it was...the Hammer was his tool of choice. There was one day, my Nana caught him heading out to fix the car with his trusty hammer and a block of wood. Needless to say Nana detered him, what a good idea huh? But alas more "tools of the trade" have come about in recent years so lets review some shall we?

For my darling husband Chuck, his tool of the trade is a Gerber, no not this one:

This one:
This is what he uses because it has pretty much every gadget known to man on it. Personally, I am just waiting for the one to come out that makes coffee. This tool, unlike Grandpa's hammer really does fix close to everything. Chuck is definitely a master of the tool sect, although he does have less accidents than this guy and no TV show:

There are however other tools of the trade, and I would like to take a minute to discuss them and their importance. Shall we? The first one I am going to talk about is the staple gun. Something falls off the wall, if its flat go for the staple gun. Its quick its fast, and its LOUD it tells that item you mean business. Thats right a staple gun. Thump thump and its up.

If you are missing your hammer, as we are often in this house (I truly believe my Grandfathers spirit keeps stealing it to fix things in Heaven or who knows maybe here on Earth, who knows what job God gave him huh?) So I will reach for a shoe. Yep thats right. I could not find my staple gun a few weeks ago, so I went for the hammer.. nope. no hammer.. so instead it was me, a nail, my new calendar and a shoe. But you can bet your butt my calendar is hanging up ;o)~ Yep, the shoe (not this one. its too fancy)

Super glue, break a nail.. super glue fixes it. Break something that has significant value or at least personal value.. super glue can fix it. Have a kid who won't shut up.. wait.. no that one doesn't work.. but hey it sounded good.. rough morning sorry! **editors note: I would never use super glue to shut up one of my children, or anyone elses.. however stupid celebrities and people who say dumb stuff like Haiti deserved to get an Earthquake we should use superglue... or....
DUCT TAPE!! How I LOVE Duct tape!! Duct tape can seal and fix anything!! we used to call Chucks old Ship the USS Duct Tape because when the ship had a hole in it the hole was covered with duct tape and painted over. Yea you wish i was kidding. I am pretty sure the US Navy keeps Duct tape in business.. and God Bless them for it huh? And hey if nothing else.. maybe the US Navy can lend some to people who speak when they shouldn't so they can keep their big fat mouth shut! Remember, silence is golden... duct tape is silver! (And assorted other colors)
So, there you have it.. some tools of the trade. What do you use? What did I forget? Let me know!!

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