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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cause they say breaking up is hard to do!!

The other day I pointed out that I broke out with Dr Pepper, and than it hit me. I have ended so many other relationships this past week. So many that in fact, it is not fair to not bid them adieu. So here is my goodbye letter with some background.

Dear McDonalds-

You courted me with those arches from the time I was young, your Big Mac (a whopping 13 points) has always been there. But alas big changes are in the midst and we must part ways. No, no don't show me your salad menu. I know its there and when I am stronger we may still see each other but for now this is for the best. Good bye McDonalds, I will miss our weekly (sometimes too often) visits.

Dear Wendy's-

As I started this voyage, I thought well maybe I can keep her, but alas your point values show me that we too must say good bye. While you still have some items I can talk to (the baked potato and chili) for now we too must say Goodbye. Please do not make this harder than it already is, no don't look back. I will miss our weekly (sometimes too often) visits as well.

Dear Taco Bell-
Damn you and your border! How dare you be open til 2 AM!! I do my emotional eating than, and alas I can no longer express my emotions with food. Yes, yes I know you have the Drive thru diet, and at some point I will visit you. I know we can still be friends, for right now I must at least say goodbye to my dear friends the chalupa and the crunch wrap supreme. Until next time (if there is one) Bon voyage or Adios!

Dear KFC-

Oh Colonel Sanders.... I know you have the Kentucky grilled side but the fact is there is more points in your menu than there is in 6 of my WW southern fried chicken strips. Apparently you just don't have anything to offer to the table anymore. Sure you have things you can tell me are healthy but I know better. I know this goodbye will not be forever (you offer fast convienence when cooking is a 7 letter word), but for now. Goodbye and keep on clucking.

Dear Hardees

It is you I will most of all. Similiar to Dorothy and the Scarecrow, you have been there for me with your heart attack on a bun. For this reason, we must part. I am not sure I will ever be able to look your way again so for now, just go and let me watch you leave. Goodbye Thickburger,

Dear Little Ceasars-

I can hear you already, et tu Brute? Yes. yes I must go. Pizza while ok at times, can no longer be a weekly visit, it can no longer be a "I don't want to cook, stop and pick up four pies" No its time to realize you were a crutch Ceasar. But please know, my knife was only used to cut you and it is not in your back. .I promise!

Dear Sonic-

Sighs. You have your colorful drinks, and fun foods (fried Mac and cheese? hello!) but alas I know in the end you were only really hurting me. You were not thinking of my best interest, you were thinking of yourself. So now we say goodbye, and I leave you with fond memories of cherry
limeaides of yesteryear.
To all others who did not make this list (Outback, Chilis, etc) know that while I may still visit you it will not be as often. I have to get control of myself and this is the only way. I will miss you all, but I will not miss your effect on me. Bon Voyage!

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Tutu said...

That was too funny! I need to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon myself.

And remember, diet cherry limeade has no points!