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Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

Should old acquaintance be forgot.. and never come to mind..... I dont know the rest of the words to this song.. something something auld lang syne!! Happy new year!!

So, here I am. Last year I posted on this very blog about going on Weight watchers, I broke up with my Dr Pepper and all my fast food restaurants. Do you need a refresher? it was here: new Year-new me new tude and over here as well cause they say breaking up is hard to do. yep, I posted it out loud and held myself accountable.

What happened? Well, over the past year I have lost a super model and a half. :o) I was strong. I worked hard and I am thrilled with the results...


It's just not good enough.

What is she insane? Yes, she is. See this year I turn 40. Yep 40.. I figure mid meal that day this guy is going to show up:
and dang it. .if he is I am gonna be ready for him. so this year my goal is to get out of the 20's and into the teens before I turn 40. That way it will not be oh no 4-0.. it will be wut ohhhhh 4--oooohhhhh ;o)

I hope you guys will stick around..

Oh another resolution, I plan to blog more. I sure do miss it!!


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