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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where do I start?

I am broken. I am so heartbroken, and so disenchanted with this world you have no idea. The one place that should be my safe haven, my place where I am safe above all was compromised by a selfish piece of shit who we had let in our house before. A selfish jerk who felt he had the right to steal my children's XBOX 360 and Wii from MY home.

And now I am not happy.
I don't smile.
I don't laugh.
I can't find that person.

I know she is still inside somewhere, but she is buried by the person who says "don't be nice, don't let your weakness show" So, I don't.

My children get to return to school to "What did you get for Christmas?" To say "Well it was the best Christmas we have had in a long time....until we got home and found out we were ROBBED" Yep, thats right. We were robbed. A piece of shit lowlife scumbag came into my home, and STOLE items from my home. He then went up and down MY street and SOLD those items.

Nice. Happy holidays.

Our insurance is no help.. our deducitble is too high and we are just simply ass out. I am not happy. I can't smile. I am heart broken. I am destroyed. I just want to go out and buy a gun and shoot the first person who attempts to breech my safety net again.

Rationale? No.. hell no its not rationale.

I hate guns.

I hate the mere thought of violence of any kind, but right now I am hurting so bad.

My head is screaming in pain, because I can't make sense of this. I can not make sense of why someone would do this. The policeman told me "well that was your first mistake.. you were too nice" So now I have to be cold? and unintimidated? I can do cold, but I am intimidated. I am SAD. I hurt all over. I hurt for my kids, I hurt because I am a VICTIM. I hurt that this jerk is now living on the tax payers dollar, because hey he stole because he was homeless and HE sold my items because he NEEDED them.

Bite me.

So, if you are here looking for a funny blog, I am sorry that Tricia is gone. That Tricia is now a shadow of her former self. Now you have the bitterly sad person who doesn't understand why she should have to explain to her five year old that he can't play the Wii because JaRyan Phillips STOLE your Wii. Because he is a scumbag dirt ball. Because he is NOT a good Christian man he is a lowlife. Becuase he is evil personified. He has stolen my happiness, he has robbed me of more then the materials he took he robbed me of my happiness.
His mother called me today and asked me to ask the courts to be lenient on him. NO chance in HELL. I would let Charles Manson out of jail before I would let that piece of junk out of jail and I told her so. I understand that is her child, but that jerk did not care about my children when he stole from us, why should I care about hers???

I sure hope he is happy... Happy New Year JERK! Enjoy your bracelets.


fyrgrl said...

I'm sorry honey...I hope you know from the bottom of my heart I mean that. I also hope you know there are good people out there still. As well as bad of course. I HATE that you feel this way and he did this to you, and I wish I was able to help. Please know I love you, and care about you and your family.

Tutu said...

Wow! Bless your heart! I cannot even imagine. I have had cars broken into several times, and my daughters bike was stolen from our driveway. I can't imaging how violated I would feel if someone came into my home like that.